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Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Smart Business Open Community


History of MENA Smart Business Open Community:

MENA Smart Business Open Community has started its activities since 2019 with the participation of Iranian experts and professionals in various fields of innovative science and technologies with the strategic goal of facilitating interdisciplinary scientific and academic efforts, Commercializing ideas in the field of smart and knowledge-based economy, and preparing the background to operate and implement these efforts.

About Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Smart Business Open Community

Mena Open Community is determined to participate in various activities through networking, knowledge sharing, consulting and exchanging ideas in order to identify the relevant issues and finding the solutions of smart businesses.These activities at their first stage are in the shape of organized weekly webinars which are held in social networks in the presence of practitioners, experts and researchers in the field of smart industries and through the creation of discussions, conceptualizing and exchanging ideas they are able to share their experience and findings with our entire audience. Mena Community also strives to explore the hidden demands within the various smart business domains by reinforcing and encouraging the art of questioning. The open, free and interactive environment of Middle East and North Africa makes the free, volunteering presence of all individuals (both legal and natural) and groups possible, specially the non-governmental expert organizations, universities and experts from different industries. We also attempt to establish effective connections with international communities and experts in order to expand our learning opportunities and to gain more international experience. We would like to invite prominent individuals in the relevant fields to join our community and share their valuable knowledge and experience with us.