Plans and Goals of MENA Smart Businesses Open Community

This community is a non-profit knowledge-based organization that works in the field of smart businesses in the open and interactive environment of Middle East and North Africa.

Our audiences are leading organizations and industries, professional NGOs, Universities and Research centers, and the subject researchers and specialists in this field.

Most significant activities of MENA Smart Business Open community:

  1. Networking and discussing the field of smart business in an open and interactive environment.
  2. Content creation around the various subjects of smart businesses and the relevant fields.
  3. Exploring the requirements and engaging with experiences of different (national and international) organizations and industries in the field of smart businesses.
  4. Developing scientific communications with the experts and researchers of smart businesses in the Universities, professional NGOs, Industries, Science and Technology Parks.
  5. Forming professional consulting teams to offer services in smart businesses and industries.
  6. Forming professional teams in the different fields of smart businesses and industries.

7. Helping scientific and practical infrastructures of disruptive technologies to improve social and economic foundations in the next decades.