Knowledge Accelerator

Now, the increasing presense of Information and Commnunication Technology (ICT) section has been felt and appeared in the economy and industry sections. The businesses in the differrent industries ans vertical markets have to make fundamentals changes, not only in the products and services, but in the production processes, business relations, and even inter-organisational culture due to sustainable value creation for customers and organisations and with regard to competitive and constantly changing market.
Based on this and according to the general policy of the resistance economy and general self-sufficiency politics, it seems active and progressive exposure in the use of modern technologies in the different areas of industry can play a diterminant role in the sustainable value creation and proper institutionalization of digital economy through creating convergence.
Therefore, Narvan Sharif Knowledgeware Company applied for a license of knowledge-based acclerator based on its capabilities. The activities of this specialized knowledge acclerator is in the different areas of Information Technology (IT), Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things (IOT), Financial Technologies and Stack Market and Digital Transformation.


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